Tracy Pater


Tracy Pater boasts a distinguished career spanning over 17 years in the health and wellbeing sector. A social worker with a degree earned in the Netherlands, Tracy has successfully navigated her professional journey in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Her expertise encompasses addiction science, mental health, family treatment (counseling), youth group dynamics, and crime.

Having dedicated over 12 years of service in Birmingham, Tracy takes pride in her involvement in various impactful projects. Notably, she hosted her own radio show, “Yakini Time, The Time of Truth,” in 2010 in the Netherlands, addressing topics such as health, wellbeing, religion, spirituality, and social issues. Furthermore, Tracy initiated a cycling group in Sparkbrook, enabling numerous women to participate and acquire cycling skills.

Well-regarded in the community, Tracy is recognised for her unwavering support for families and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her humanitarian values drive her commitment to aiding those in need and fostering positive change in both individual lives and communities. Tracy has notably supported over 300 displaced families and individuals in the UK.

Beyond local initiatives, Tracy extends her expertise globally by providing international training and workshops for professionals in Sudan and Egypt. She has conducted extensive research within the community and the city, contributing to transformative changes and securing funding opportunities for various organisations and projects.

As a dedicated advocate for positive change, Tracy’s involvement with RAQS reflects her belief that change can manifest in diverse forms, with art—whether expressed through drama, music, or painting—proving to be a particularly effective avenue. Raised in an environment enriched by her musician parent, Tracy has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of artistic expression on individual wellbeing.

In essence, Tracy Pater’s commitment to RAQS underscores her conviction that diverse pathways, including artistic endeavors, are integral to enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing for individuals and communities in Birmingham.