Our Story

In the realm of creative possibility, Building Lives Together emerged in 2021, born from the imaginative mind of Mona Qazi. A multifaceted artist, writer, poet, and heritage storyteller, Mona’s journey intertwined with Star9, a revered music and media entity, revealing the potent force held within the art of storytelling.

As destiny weaved its tapestry, Mona crossed paths with Hermit Singh, a luminary dhol player and music virtuoso. Having treaded the musical landscape through ethereal performances and a fruitful tenure at BBC Asian Network, Hermit’s love for music, culture, and heritage blazed fiercely.

United by their passion for art, music, and community engagement, Mona and Hermit established Building Lives Together. They formed a dedicated team committed to making a positive impact.

Their first project in 2021 focused on using Bollywood music and films to evoke memories and bring joy to individuals with dementia. Its success inspired Building Lives Together to continue their work, using creativity to address mental health issues and combat social isolation.

Mona’s expertise as a writer, poet, and heritage storyteller, combined with Hermit’s exceptional talent as a dhol player, created powerful and captivating experiences. Their projects resonated with diverse audiences, uniting people from different backgrounds.

Building Lives Together quickly gained recognition for their ability to unite communities through art, music, and storytelling. By providing platforms for emerging artists and celebrating renowned performers, they fostered a sense of closeness among diverse backgrounds.

Mona and Hermit’s collective understanding of music, culture, and heritage, as well as their knowledge of the media landscape, empowered Building Lives Together to navigate the industry successfully. Their belief in the positive impact of art and music amplified their initiatives and facilitated lasting change.

Rooted in the belief that the arts promote mental health and revitalize communities, Building Lives Together embraced a unique fusion of art, culture, and heritage. Their transformative environments provided a sense of belonging and connection for participants and audiences alike.

Their projects and events, etched within the collective memory, leave indelible marks upon the artistic landscape. Ensuring the resplendent legacy of South Asian culture and heritage thrives for generations to come, Building Lives Together encompasses a boundless tapestry that weaves hearts, minds, and souls in resounding harmony.

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