Mona Qazi

Creative Art Director

Mona Qazi is a multi-talented Creative Art Director, Artist, Writer, Poet, and Heritage Storyteller who has been making a significant impact in the art and media industry since 2010. As a Creative Art Director and Artist at RAQS, she is poised to elevate community arts to new heights, leveraging her creative vision and passion for storytelling to inspire and engage diverse audiences.

Mona’s wide-ranging talents are reflected in her diverse body of work, including her role as the Founder of the filmishilmi media blog and as an Editor and Celebrity Host at Star9, an electronic media channel powered by Jazba Entertainment. Her expertise extends to writing, poetry, and preserving heritage through storytelling, establishing her as a versatile creative force in the industry.

Notable Projects and Events:

  • Remembering Bollywood: A collaborative project with RAQS, funded by the Big Lottery.
  • Connecting Spaces: A transformative initiative in partnership with Birmingham Mac and ACp & RAQS
  • Under the Tree: An immersive project presented in collaboration with Ort Gallery and ACP.
  • Street Beat: A dynamic endeavor in partnership with Ort Gallery and ACP.
  • Let’s Move It: A visionary project with Ageing Better aimed at promoting active lifestyles.
  • In Your Voice: A captivating creative project with RAQS, amplifying diverse voices.
  • Musical Hangame: An engaging event showcasing musical talent, presented in collaboration with ACP.
  •  Family Fun Day: A joyful event organized in partnership with the Commonwealth Games and ACP.
  • Desi Style Divas: A vibrant musical event that celebrates cultural richness, presented with Sohani.
  • A Musical Beyond Borders: A groundbreaking collaboration with Jazba Entertainment, transcending cultural boundaries through the power of music.

Mona Qazi’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and fostering community engagement underscores her commitment to advancing the arts and media landscape. Her holistic approach to storytelling, combined with her dynamic leadership as a Creative Art Director, positions her at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the industry.