Harmit Singh


Harmit Singh is the director of RAQS, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower communities through the arts. With over 25 years of experience as a producer for the BBC, Harmit has a deep understanding of music, art, and culture. He has a particular expertise in the Asian music scene, having worked for the BBC Asian Network Radio.

Throughout his career, Harmit has demonstrated a passion for using the arts as a means of bringing people together and building stronger, more vibrant communities. He believes that creativity can help to break down barriers and promote understanding between different cultures.

At RAQS, Harmit is leading a team of dedicated professionals who share his vision. Together, they are working to create opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with the arts, whether through music, dance, visual art, or theatre. By fostering creativity and artistic expression, they hope to inspire positive change in the communities they serve.

Harmit’s experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to RAQS. His dedication to promoting diversity and cross-cultural understanding is reflected in all aspects of the organization’s work. Whether through workshops, performances, or community events, he is committed to using the power of the arts to make a difference in the world.