An Evening of Qawali

We are pleased to announce the resounding success of the “An Evening of Qawali for Gaza” charity dinner, which took place at Regents Park Banqueting on January 29, 2023. The event drew an impressive crowd of over 300 attendees, comprised of individuals, local businesses, media representatives, and community organizations.

The evening was a powerful display of support for Gaza, featuring a captivating performance by Mohika Shankar, who skillfully brought to life a narrative conceived by the exceptionally talented Mona Qazi. Through her expressive vocals and music, Mona conveyed the poignant story of a young girl’s experience in Palestine, touching the hearts of all in attendance.

The event, gracefully hosted by the esteemed Akila Sharif, included a soul-stirring Quranic recitation by Mikhaael Mala The evening reached its pinnacle with an unforgettable Qawali performance by the immensely talented Hussain Brothers Qawwal.

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This event exemplified the power of the arts to unite communities and transcend boundaries, bringing people together in a shared expression of compassion and solidarity.