Palestine ki Beti
“Daughter of Palestine”

Experience the emotional and captivating performance of “Palestine ki beti” by the talented Mohika Shankar.

This powerful performance was part of a charity fundraising dinner for Gaza, where Mohika beautifully brought to life the concept and story crafted by the incredibly talented our Creative art director Mona Qazi.

Through her vocals and music, Mona poured her heart and emotions into this poignant portrayal of how a little girl feels living in Palestine.

“Translation of the performance in English”

I am the daughter of Palestine
My name is anonymous

I sleep on the bed of fear
I weave dreams of pain

My tongue speaks blood
My eyes see blood
My identity is linked with blood
Every breath of mine fights with life

I am a little girl
I fight with my mother every moment

Give me dolls and toys
Let me sleep in your lap

Mother, I am afraid
Some house is burning again

Gunpowder dances in the air
Even the sky is trembling

Childhood is wounded with blood
Do I have any identity?

Mother, listen to my voice
Mother, look, say something

Why does it get lost on my land?
This is the seed of hatred that grows

Okay, let’s go

I close my eyes
I make angels my companions

Mother, I am in the world of stars
I am just troubled

Mother, don’t be troubled
Just don’t be voiceless

Now all the limits of oppression have been crossed
There’s only regret, just regret

Don’t call ignorance as beauty
Now wake up the sleeping justice

Don’t call reality a fiction
Don’t call the cage a home

Mother, listen

I am no longer
But now I am everyone

You make some plan
You brighten their destiny

I was the daughter of Palestine
My name is anonymous

Palestine Ki Beti “Daughter Of Palestine”