Beyond the Challenge

On a vibrant day of unity and creativity, February 10th, the Highfield Hall Community Centre came alive with an extraordinary symphony of hearts and minds. Building Lives Together, alongside The Zawiya Trust & ACP The Family Wellbeing Centre had the privilege of contributing to the tapestry of change in “Beyong the Challenge” event.

Thanks to the benevolent support of the Birmingham Community Healthcare Charity (BCHC), we witnessed a colorful convergence of local organizations, health mavens, and luminaries in an unforgettable quest to heal the echoes of Covid-19 and bridge the health divides in our beloved community.

The stage was graced by impassioned voices, including the spirited Councillor Shabrana Hussain & the insightful Dr. Nisha Talwar, joined by Mohammed Arif’s sporting spirit from Warwickshire County Cricket Club, the reflective wisdom of Shoaib from The Zawiya Trust, and the community stewardship of Tracy Pater our Director. Their presence was a beacon of our collective commitment to nurturing the fabric of our society.

Our very own creative art director Mona Qazi, painted a narrative masterpiece, capturing the elusive shadow of Long Covid with a stroke of imaginative storytelling. The enchanting voice of Carolyn Saint-Pé carried the tale into the hearts of our audience, while Atreyee Bhattacharyya dance interpreted the struggle and grace of recovery with her mesmerizing movements.

The day danced on with Mohammed Imran, leading an exhilarating fitness and interactive dance session, reminding us that joy and movement are vital for community healing. We extend a canvas of gratitude to every soul who joined us in this creative crusade. Your presence turned this gathering into a mural of hope and action.

Let’s continue painting this journey together, fostering a community that thrives on wellbeing, empowerment, and the transformative power of art.